Albirondack Campsite is an area of nature in the middle of Albi. Albirondack Park looks like North American natural parks. Albirondack Park is a place of well being and rest, far from the noisy daily life : the advantage of nature peacefully shared , this is the very core of our philosophy.

It is in this spirit that Albirondack team respects nature and ensures the preservation and cleanliness of this site every day.


Successful holidays are our top priority.
Enjoy luxury in Albirondack campsite with equipped accommodations and lots of services:


The Campsite has a WI-FI connection


Albirondack Campsite has a bar to refresh


A laundry is at your disposal and makes you feel like home

Albirondack is 5 minutes walk from lots of shops and services:

Shops - Medical center - Press and tabacco office

Piscine Albirondack Espace bien-être Albirondack Espace bien-être Albirondack Espace bien-être Albirondack

Welness area

Jacuzzi - Sauna - Hammam (services included)

Holidays in Albirondack Campsite will allow you spend moments of relaxation and rest. You can also enjoy the heated swimming pool.

Lobster Restaurant

Lobster Restaurant Lobster Restaurant Lobster Restaurant

Campsite Albirondack Plan

Albirondack Campsite extends on 2 hectares and proposes different types of accommodations : 47 camping accommodations, caravans and camping cars, 31 chalets and wooden mobil homes and 2 tree houses.

Plan du Camping Albirondack à Albi
Feu de camp - Albirondack

Gallery of pictures

Discover Albirondack photo album. Escape in the middle of a wooded park.

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Le cabanon Albirondack

Sustainable development

Albirondack has decided to commit in a policy of sustainable development in adopting an eco citizen method.

Albirondack commitment policy is based on both the protection of environment and the preservation and discovery of the heritage of Tarn, a real cultural richness.

The staff of Albirondack (permanents and seasonals) is aware of eco-friendly practices in their professional activities such as : cooking (meals, economat, washing up), bar, restaurant, welcoming, accommodation, laundry, green areas. Staff awareness of deficiences is efficient to better understand and accompany.

Reuse of used paper as rough paper for administrative uses

Control of water : daily account of water meter.

Detection sensors of day/night to enlighten driveways and the sourroundings

No switches in activity rooms (video games, TV, meeting, fitness, musculation) and in sanitary facilities but automatic light switch-off instead.

The selective refuse collection of glass, paper, plastic and cans is ensured by containers available on the car parking .

Processing of green wastes : recovery of green wastes to make compost.

Improvement of the seasonals accommodations ( specific conditions in season for their accommodations)

Comfort : renovation of the sanitary block so as to preserve hight quality of service and optimized maintenance.

The weekly display of local animations organized by the office of tourism such as the discovery of architectural, historical and natural heritage….a broad range of documents is available at the reception office to facilitate and support the discovery of the area.

Rainwater harvesting from the main building and the roadway into an irrigation network.

The pool heating produced by a biomass-fired boiler

Heating and production of hot water for kitchens and spa sanitary facilities thanks to the biomass-fired boiler.

The shuttle service to go to town

What guests can do to commit in a sustainable development process :

  • Limiting water and energy uses (electricity, gas, fuel) by switching off electric devices and lights at the end of the use. Cutting off water and disconnecting devices during a prolonged absence.
  • Being involved in the process of selective refuse collection using the containers on the car parking.
  • Prudent use of water and waste recycling. Avoiding abusive use and wastage. Participating in the processing of green wastes.
  • Prefer eco-friendly products that can be recycled and fairly traded, organic agriculture and local products.
  • Limit the use of private car and prefer walking , biking, (400 m from a supermarket), bus (100 m from a bus stop).
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